Don’t trust brown/black boys who like white girls. And no I don’t mean I’m against interracial relationships. I mean the type who put white girls up on pedestals, who treat them like a challenge, who glorify their beauty, their colored eyes, their light hair, all that while simultaneously dehumanizing and objectifying them. The ones who target white girls, who use them as status symbols. Don’t trust these boys. They’ve been poisoned.

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Black women are glorious man..

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" You have to be odd to be number one. "

Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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" The best advice my dad ever gave me - and it can work whatever way in life - is, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ If you feel worried about something, just do it. Because if you don’t do it, you’ll always wonder what would happen if you did it, and if you do it and it fails, at least you tried it. So nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go out and do it. "
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Don’t stop imagining
The day that you do
Is the day that you die…

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